Hydrogen storage potential study for mini-grids in Chile
25. June 2021
Geospatial identification of mini-grid potential in Ethiopia
28. June 2021

Challenges in grid integration of electric vehicles in urban and rural areas (Gemassmer et al. 2021)

Jakob Gemassmer, Carolin Daam and Ricardo Reibsch

The ramp-up of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) could lead to severe grid issues but also enables flexibility. This paper provides a better understanding of the challenges and potentials of integrating BEVs in power grids. Three charging strategies were modelled on four use cases and six low-voltage grids for urban and rural areas. Especially in rural areas, where many cars charge at home overnight, the charging strategy significantly affects grid issues. Purely market-oriented strategies can lead to high load peaks and thus to transformer and line overloading, while even a relatively simple, balanced charging strategy can significantly reduce grid issues.

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Paper published in World Electric Vehicle Journal, Volume 12, 2021
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