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1. November 2017
2. November 2017

German-Philippine research delegation visits RLI

November 6th-17th 2017 | Berlin

As part of the project EnerPHIL, a seven-member delegation from the University of the Philippines is visiting Berlin in order to address questions of sustainable energy supply on the Philippines. The visit is hosted by RLI.

The researchers from the University of the Philippines are attending workshops focusing on issues such as renewable energy, energy storage, hybrid energy systems, and economic efficiency calculation, GIS infrastructure planning, political analysis, and socio-economic research methods. Their visit also includes trips to different “Energy Transition clusters” in the region.

There will also be a panel discussion on November 8th at the EUREF-Campus as part of a joint evening at which the potential of research collaboration in the area of renewable energy and its added value for the development goals of the Philippines will be discussed together with external guests.

The panel includes:
  • Kathrin Goldammer, RLI (moderation)
  • Consul Catherine Torres, Embassy of the Philippines
  • Philipp Blechinger, RLI
  • Laarni Escresa, University of the Philippines
  • Jens Marquardt, Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg

If you wish to participate in the panel discussion, please register per e-mail at off-grid(AT)

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