Jann Launer

M.Sc. Physics (FU Berlin, Universität Hamburg)

Former Researcher


Jann Launer had been a researcher in the Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI from October 2017 until March 2023.

Jann was leading the projects UMAS and FlexMex. With UMAS, we ask the question whether the Berlin natural gas storage facility (Berliner Erdgasspeicher, BES), which has been shut down since 2017, can be used as an energy storage for energy from renewable sources in the future. In FlexMex, we compare energy system models developed at nine different institutes to understand better the reasons for differences in scenario results for electricity, heat, and mobility.

Previously, Jann worked in the project oemof_heat which extended the Open Energy System Modeling Framework (oemof) in order to represent the heating sector and its coupling to the rest of the energy system. He was responsible for the planning, implementation and testing of the new components as well as their application in several case studies. In this context there was a close cooperation with the projects open_eGO, open_FREDm, and E-Navi.

Jann studied physics with a minor in geoscience at Universität Hamburg, University of Uppsala and Freie Universität Berlin and completed his master’s degree in 2016. As a research assistant he has been working in the fields of dynamical and complex physical and socio-economical systems using mathematical modeling, simulation, and data analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and at the Zuse Institute Berlin.