Visualizing National Electrification Scenarios for Sub-Saharan African Countries (Bertheau et al. 2017)
28. November 2017
Third Future Forum “E-mobile Brandenburg”
1. December 2017

LCE 21 – Energy System Modelling Clustering Event

November 28th 2017 | Brussels

Berit Müller, Head of the research field Transformation of Energy Systems,  will represent RLI at the LCE 21 – Energy System Modelling Clustering Event in Brussels. The meeting is supposed to foster exchange between the different energy system modelling projects in the Horizon 2020 Program.

The four projects, which are summarized in one call within the Horizon 2020 Program are: REEEM, in which RLI is substantially responsible, SET-Nav, MEDAS, and REFLEX. Furthermore, there will be a discussion about a follow-up of the EMP-E Energy Modelling Platform for Europe Conference. The EMP-E launch took place in context of REEEM in May 2017 and was mainly organized by RLI in cooperation with the European Commission.

The Horizon 2020 – Low Carbon Energy Modelling Program of the EU´s goal is to analyze the European energy system and to examine its transformation and possible impacts on society as a whole.

© Photo background: Shahjalal2005, CC-BY-SA-4.0