The influence of innovative photovoltaic technologies on urban energy systems – An energy system analysis with concentrator PV, perovskite-silicon PV and PV-powered heat pumps in comparison with state-of-the-art technologies (Haas et al., 2021)
22. July 2021
the picture shows a tank with the word "Hydrogen" written on it.
Study: The contribution of decentralized electrolyzers to the energy transition
27. July 2021

RLI develops online course on grid integration of e-mobility for RENAC

July 22, 2021 | On behalf of the Renewables Academy (RENAC), RLI has developed an online course that provides a basic introduction to grid integration of e-mobility.

The course takes place entirely online and allows learners from anywhere in the world to acquire the knowledge independently and at their own pace. Exercises take place at the end of each module and course content is tested in quizzes.

The “Grid Integration of E-Mobility” course is aimed in particular at employees of grid operators and electricity providers who want to expand their portfolio to include charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. In six modules, the course first provides a basic understanding of e-mobility and the various charging options. The impact of different charging strategies on the power grid is explained and the differences between urban and rural infrastructures and charging behavior are highlighted. Furthermore, the course explains common challenges and opportunities in grid integration of charging infrastructure and provides recommendations for grid operators.

The course is offered by RENAC and can be booked directly with them. The course content has been compiled entirely by RLI and includes many results and data from RLI studies and projects.