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2. September 2016
RLI Energy-Dialog 2016
6. September 2016

PIOnEER – Analysis of potentials to identify regions of sustainable energy efficiency and e-mobility in Brandenburg

Project duration 01.07.2016 - 31.12.2016

Which regions in Brandenburg offer the highest potential for e-mobility in combination with a Micro Smart Grid (MSG)? Funded by the Brandenburg Ministry of Economy, Reiner Lemoine Institute has headed the research project PIOnEER in order to find out.

An MSG is also called “intelligent electrical grid“ and brings together renewable energy, storages, and mobility while controlling the optimal efficiency of all components – depending on energy supply and demand. The PIOnEER project aimed at improving energy efficiency and storage, and thus relieving energy grids. In addition, the acceptance and distribution of electric vehicles was to be improved by providing public charging infrastructure.

As a final step, detailed technical operation plans and concepts were developed for selected micro sites.

Please note, that this research project is conducted in German. More details on implementation, results, partners, and funding can be found on our German website .
In a first analysis, we identified potentials for e-mobility and Micro Smart Grids on a regional level. In this interactive map, you can find a detailed evaluation for each region.



Oliver Arnhold

Unit Head

Norman Pieniak