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Communities of Practice as drivers of a bottom-up energy transition in Nigeria

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For the project CP-Nigeria, RLI is conducting research together with partner organizations for the expansion of a climate-friendly energy supply through decentralized renewable energies (DEE) in Nigeria. The government of the country is already planning the expansion of renewable energies in the National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP). Through RLI's work, this plan can be supported. To achieve the goals of the project, various communities in rural Nigeria will be empowered to independently plan and implement DEE projects. These "Communities of Practice" (CP) are aimed to become exemplary, civic sources of development. The project is being implemented as part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI).

Generating energy close to consumption

Decentralized energy systems are a solution for the electrification of large developing regions. Electrical energy is generated close to consumption, such as with photovoltaic, wind power or biomass plants, near residential areas or industrial facitlities. This project aims to facilitate the implementation of local DEE projects in Nigeria.

Five local Communities of Practice

At the outset of the project, five local "Communities of Practice" (CPs) will be identified, strengthened and established. The project team will collect data for these communities, analyze electricity needs and develop appropriate strategies with DEE solutions. Subsequently, the CPs will be empowered to implement the projects independently in their communities.

Toolbox for energy system design

For the demand assessment and design of these decentralized energy systems, the researchers are developing a toolbox that is accessible via a web-based application and is based on open-source projects. Together with the partner organization Clean Technology Hub and the greenwerk, different financing options for DEE solutions will be developed. By assisting with the technical design and financing of DEE solutions, overall concrete implementation plans for the CPs will emerge. The project will also establish a web-based information platform to inform about the initiatives and make them known regionally.

Improving the policy framework

Once civil society is able to plan and implement its own renewable energy projects, it can itself make a significant contribution to achieving climate policy goals. Therefore, the project team will also put effort in improving the enabling environment to implement DEE in Nigeria so that policy support and funding measures improve. The implementation of DTE in rural areas of Nigeria is of great importance to improve local supply conditions, as currently few resources are invested in rural areas of Nigeria.

IKI ICM (Independent Complaint Mechanism)

Any person who believes they may be harmed by an IKI project or who wish to report corruption or the misuse of funds, can lodge a complaint to the IKI Independent Complaint Mechanism at The IKI complaint mechanism has a panel of independent experts who will investigate the complaint. In the course of the investigation, we will consult with the complainant so as to avoid unnecessary risks for the complainant. More information can be found here.

Project period: November 2021 - October 2024

The RLI assumes the following tasks:

  • Project management
  • Collection of demand data
  • Develop a toolbox for needs assessment and energy system design
  • Coordinate with project partners to identify funding opportunities
  • Development of a database for impact measurement and extrapolation of results
  • Policy advice with the aim of improving the framework conditions in the field of energy transition
Clean Technology Hub

The greenwerk
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz



Clara Neyrand

Project manager

Tobias Rieper


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