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25. November 2017
Visualizing National Electrification Scenarios for Sub-Saharan African Countries (Bertheau et al. 2017)
28. November 2017

REEEM General Assembly


November 27th -28th 2017 | Kaunas

Ludwig Hülk, researcher in the Transformation of Energy Systems area at RLI, is representing the institute at the General Assembly of the REEEM Project in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The semiannual assembly of all REEEM projects partners is hosted by the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI). The partners will present updates of their specific work packages and case studies from the project. Ludwig will give an overview of the database implementation and data management concept that RLI is currently working on.

REEEM aims at giving a comprehensive overview of all energy strategies in Europe as well as creating a broad understanding of their system-wide effects.

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