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9. November 2016
Webinar with Kathrin Goldammer
16. November 2016

Revised oemof version now available

November 10th 2016 – The RLI has released a revised version of the open energy modelling framework (oemof). oemof is an collaboratively-developed open-source software, based on the Python modelling library Pyomo. By using oemof, energy system model developers all over the world have a toolkit at hand that allows them to create multi-regional power and heat system models as well as to optimize them for different goals, such as low emissions or least cost.

Oemof’s new version provides a sophisticated code basis that enables users to build applications (apps) based on the framework. The library for linear optimization has become much more flexible, documentation has been revised thoroughly, and new examples facilitate access to different modelling features.

“With this version, we have made a huge step forward”, says project representative Uwe Krien, PhD candidate at RLI and a main developer of oemof. “We are now for the first time at a stage, where we can actively invite new developers to extend our code and improve oemof even further, putting the open-source character of the framework to full use.”

You are welcome to join the oemof developer community. Find the code on Github, read the documentation, or have a look at the examples.