23.10. | E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium
23. October 2017
Kick-off of oemof_heat
1. November 2017

Workshop „Deconstructing Participatory Climate Governance: Innovation or Business as Usual?

26.-27.10.2017 | Bordeaux
Sciences Po

Berit Müller, head of Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will present a  joint work with Judith Fiukowski and Elisa Gaudchau in the workshop „Deconstructing Participatory Climate Governance: Innovation or Business as Usual?” in Bordeaux. The contribution focuses on simulation-based tools for participation processes within the Energy Transition and their effects on the discourse and involved stakeholders.

Based on the assumption that the discourse about the  Energy Transition is difficult to grasp for non-experts, Stakeholder Empowerment Tools (StEmp-Tools) aim at compensating this imbalance of knowledge and thus empowering all stakeholders. The workshop furthermore discusses the value of such tools for democratic processes.

The workshop is hosted at Sciences Po in Bordeaux and is organized by by the intergovernmental framework for cooperation in science and technology European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST).

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