Capital City Conference on Electric Mobility
11. April 2018
Talk: The Energy Transition and the transport sector
13. April 2018

ASIM Workshop: Simulation in Environmental and Geo Sciences

April 11th.-13th 2018 | Hanover

Jann Launer, researcher in the field Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will be representing the institute at a workshop on “Simulation in Environmental and Geo Sciences” hosted by the Simulation Working Group (ASIM) – a technical committee of the German Informatics Society. Jann will be giving a presentation on the second day of the event about insecurity in modeling from the perspective of energy system analysis. He will explain how to characterize and classify different forms of insecurity and will also discuss, how these can be accounted for during modeling processes and how they can be included and presented in research results.

Please find further information on the workshop here (in German).


© Image: Nic McPhee, Lizenz CC BY 2.0.