12.11. | Webinar on Sustainable Energy Policy in Island Economies
10. November 2020
17.11. | Virtual business trip: Web presentation „ The impact of e-mobility on the power grid “
17. November 2020

12.11. | Online seminar: “Making nature-compatible energy transition visible”

November 12th 2020
Online seminar

The RLI Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems is organizing an online seminar in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Nature Conversation (BfN) on a nature-compatible energy transition.

Energy transition, nature conversation, and available land are currently the subject of intense debates, in some cases in conflict. Interactive web tools, digitization, and visualization can be helpful tools for developing constructive solutions to the increasing pressure on land. One such tool is the RLI-StakeholderEmpowerment-Tool for the Regional Energy Balance District Anhalt-Bitterfeld-Wittenberg (StEmp-ABW-Tool), which will be presented at the seminar, next to other tools for energy transition visualization and participation.

The event is aimed at NGOs and scientific institutions working on sustainable energy transition. In addition to the presentation of various tools, the participants will also discuss what they believe should be done to better reflect nature conversation aspects in the tools presented and where the tools can be usefully applied.