Zakia Soomauroo

M.A. International Economics (University of Potsdam)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 46

PhD candidate


Zakia Soomauroo has been a PhD candidate in the research field Off-Grid Systems at RLI since January 2018. She has been awarded a scholarship by the Reiner Lemoine Foundation and the working title of her dissertation is “Accelerating towards Sustainable Mobility: Modelling and Analysis of the Sustainable Mobility Transition in Mauritius.” Zakia’s research work is focused on exploring potential pathways at the nexus of mobility and renewable energy systems with a special focus on island states.

Zakia’s academic background is primarily in Economics and Sustainability with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Law and a graduate degree from the University of Potsdam in International Economics. During the course of her studies and internships, Zakia’s research experiences spanned from international sustainable development and energy economics to climate change mitigation and socio-economic impacts of natural resource management. Her master’s thesis focused on the future of energy in Mauritius in which she developed and analyzed potential energy scenarios using the LEAP software.

After graduating, her recent endeavors geared more towards sustainable transportation transition and future mobility technologies and development. She gained experience in both Federal and European-wide project management in those fields by working as a research assistant at the VDI/VDE-IT in Berlin, where she worked extensively on the concept and integration of electric mobility. It was within the scope of this work experience that inspired Zakia in shaping her PhD idea.

She is committed to protecting the unique environment of island states and is keen to utilize her deep passion for people and nature to encourage others to organize, take action, and ultimately see a holistically vibrant and healthy Mauritius as an example to other Small Developing Island States come to fruition. She enjoys yoga, hiking, and all things ocean-friendly.