Call for applications for PIOnEER2 begins
13. September 2017
User Group Meeting “Decentralized Energy Supply – Smart Grids”
14. September 2017

EnviroInfo 2017

September 13th – 15th 2017 | Luxemburg

The EvironInfo Conference will take place September 13th – 15th 2017 in Luxembourg, organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Berit Müller , Head of the Research Field Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI will again co-organize sessions as part of the EnvironInfo 2017. The Special Session on “Open Source and Open Data – Transparent Modelling” with Berit will focus primarily on Open Source and the role of Python in this context.

General aspects of Open Source as well as quality assurance, the requirements of publicly published data and databases, interfaces of open models and open databases, and the gap between opening up and reaching reproducibility will be discussed. Python plays a special role in this area, as the programming language is used to interlink models or models and data. Thus, at the EnvironInfo general aspects of models and database linkage, architectures for coupling, service-based approaches, and Python’s use in handling geodata will be presented.

RLI can hereby contribute through its projects oemof , open_eGo, and open_FRED, especially in the areas of Open Source and Open Data in energy system modeling. These projects are at the intersection between energy system modeling and IT.

Further information on the EnviroInfo and registration can be found here.

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