2. March 2018
BDEW trade conference on energy grids
6. March 2018

ISINA 2018

March 5th – 6th 2018 | Chemnitz

Kathrin Goldammer, Managing Director at RLI, will be attending and giving a talk at the 5th interdisciplinary symposium for women in engineering and life sciences (ISINA) at TU Chemnitz. ISINA is a platform for female researchers and students in STEM fields as well as life science professionals. The platform provides the women a chance to network, and the program also offers soft-skills workshops and expert talks that give insight into the research of the presenters. Kathrin’s talk on the first day of the conference (March 5th) is entitled “Working in energy – from engineering to business to research”.

Further information on the symposium is available in German here.

© Image: RLI, Logo ISINA: TU Chemnitz