PeopleSuN Workshop
22. January 2019
Implementation and validation of an open source model for generating wind feed-in time series (Haas 2019)
31. January 2019

8th eMo Smart Mobility Forum

30th January 2019 | Berlin

Oliver Arnhold, RLI Unit Head of Mobility with Renewable Energy, will give a keynote speech at the 8th Smart Mobility Forum of the Berlin Agency for Electric Mobility (eMo). In his lecture “Are there alternatives to battery electric vehicles?”, Oliver will talk about which aspects have to be considered for a successful Transport Transition and how the total energy demand for mobility can be reconciled with the Energy Transition.

The eMo Smart Mobility Forum is a dialogue platform of the Berlin Business and Technology Promotion and aims to enable industry, start-ups, research, and administration to continuously exchange information on the topic of e-mobility. This year’s forum has the motto “From petrol station to multi-energy and mobility station” and addresses current trends and challenges for the further development of fueling stations and the resulting new business models.

Further information on the Smart Mobility Forum can be found here.

© Photo: RLI