4. December 2017

oemof Developer Meeting

December 4th-6th | Flensburg RLI will be represented by several staff members at the first oemof Developer Meeting in Flensburg. After an initial User Meeting in […]
1. December 2017

Third Future Forum “E-mobile Brandenburg”

December 1st 2017 | Potsdam On December 1st Katrin Hübner and Norman Pieniak from the RLI Research Field Mobility with Renewable Energy will present the two […]
28. November 2017

LCE 21 – Energy System Modelling Clustering Event

November 28th 2017 | Brussels Berit Müller, Head of the research field Transformation of Energy Systems,  will represent RLI at the LCE 21 – Energy System Modelling Clustering […]
27. November 2017

REEEM General Assembly

November 27th -28th 2017 | Kaunas Ludwig Hülk, researcher in the Transformation of Energy Systems area at RLI, is representing the institute at the General Assembly […]
25. November 2017

Travelling Conferences

November 25th – December 6th 2017 | Southeast Asia RLI is going on a journey for renewable energy. During a ten-day-trip, four RLI researchers will visit […]
23. November 2017

ENavi Project Meeting

November 23rd-24th 2017 | Berlin Berit Müller and Elisa Gaudchau  from the RLI research team Transformation of Energy Systems will attend the next general meeting of […]
22. November 2017

6th Network Service Forum Vienna

November 22nd – 23rd 2017 | Vienna Birgit Schachler, researcher in the RLI field Transformation of Energy Systems, is participating in the “6th Network Service Forum Vienna”. […]
20. November 2017

dena Conference – The Power of Innovation

November 20th 2017 | Berlin RLI managing director Kathrin Goldammer will participate in a panel discussion entitled “The Power of Innovation” at this year’s dena Conference. […]
17. November 2017

Strommarkttreffen “Weather Data”

November 17th 2017 | Berlin Caroline Möller, researcher in the field Transformation of Energy Systems, will give a presentation titled „Sensitivity of storage applications and storage […]
6. November 2017


November 6th 2017 | Ahrweiler In context of the joint research project ENavi, representatives of RLI and the EnAhrgie Project will meet to discuss aspects of […]
2. November 2017


November 2nd – 3rd 2017 | Leipzig The HYPOS network will meet at the 3rd HYPOS-Forum in Leipzig in order to discuss current research projects and […]
1. November 2017

German-Philippine research delegation visits RLI

November 6th-17th 2017 | Berlin As part of the project EnerPHIL, a seven-member delegation from the University of the Philippines is visiting Berlin in order to […]
26. October 2017

Workshop „Deconstructing Participatory Climate Governance: Innovation or Business as Usual?

26.-27.10.2017 | Bordeaux Sciences Po Berit Müller, head of Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will present a  joint work with Judith Fiukowski and Elisa Gaudchau […]
23. October 2017

23.10. | E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium

October 23rd 2017 | Berlin RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer is a keynote speaker at the “E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium”. Her keynote is titled “Transformation […]
20. October 2017

20.10. | “Strommarkttreffen” on the global Energiewende

October 20th 2017 | 10 a. am. – 1 p. m. Reiner Lemoine Institut, Berlin The upcoming Strommarkttreffen on the subject “Global Energiewende” will be hosted […]
16. October 2017

Workshop: Cooperation within the lab “Model“ for the Mecklenburg region

October 16th-17th 2017 | Wismar Elisa Gaudchau and Hendrik Huyskens, researchers in the team Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will participate in the workshop Cooperation […]
1. October 2017

Training “Integration of Renewable Energy on Islands”

October 1st – 5th 2017 | Maldives Philipp Blechinger, head of the research field Off-Grid Systems, and Jochen Bühler, researcher in the team Transformation of Energy […]
25. September 2017

Training on hybridization

September 25th – 29th 2017 | Taguig City, Philippines Philipp Blechinger and Paul Bertheau members of the RLI’s Off-Grid Systems team, will offer an interactive training […]
22. September 2017

Hackathon: „Energyhack“

September 22nd-23rd 2017 | Berlin RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer will supports the this year’s hackathon hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany in cooperation with […]
14. September 2017

User Group Meeting “Decentralized Energy Supply – Smart Grids”

September 14th 2017 | Leipzig Oliver Arnold, Head of the Team Mobility with Renewable Energy, is participating in the user group meeting “Decentralized Energy Supply – […]