04. – 06.11. | REGWA Energiesymposium
4. November 2021
08.11. | open_BEA Final Workshop: Grid integration of e-mobility and stationary storage- potentials and challenges
8. November 2021

05.11. | Long Night of the Sciences 2021 at TU Clausthal

November 5, 2021

Anya Heider and Ricardo Reibsch, both PhD Candidates at the RLS Graduate School represent the RLI at the Long Night of the Sciences at TU Clausthal. Together they will give a lecture entitled “Power outage in Köpenick! How could this happen?”.

At over 30 hours, the February 2019 Köpenick power outage was the longest in Berlin’s post-war history. How could it have happened? The presentation explains how a power grid is structured and what safety measures are in place. What would happen if the power failed throughout Germany and how do you actually restart an energy system? Will it be more difficult or easier with Renewable Energy? And how common are power outages in other countries? Anya and Ricardo will answer all the questions in their presentation.

The event takes place on the grounds and in the buildings of Clausthal University of Technology and is organized by Sciences on the Rocks e.V.


Further information are available on the website of Science on the Rocks