16. October 2018

16.10. | oemof_heat consortium meeting

October 16th | Berlin Caroline Möller and Jann Launer from the research unit Transformation of Energy Systems, represent RLI at the oemof_heat consortium meeting in Berlin. […]
16. October 2018

16.10. | Hypos-Forum

October 16th – 17th 2018 | Leipzig Fabian Grüger, Head of the Team System Analysis within the Research Field Mobility with Renewable Energy at RLI, participates […]
10. October 2018

Conference: Software und Data-Service für digitale Energiedienstleistungen

October 10th 2018 | Berlin Editha Kötter, Unit Head Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, participates in the conference for Software and Data Service for Digital […]
10. October 2018

Convention: Netzwerk21

October 10th-11th 2018 | Dessau-Roßlau Mascha Richter and Jonathan Amme , both researchers in the team Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will discuss the question […]
8. October 2018

elect! ATZ-Convention Electrified Mobility

October 8th – 9th 2018 | Stuttgart This year, for the first time, the elect! 2018 Convention for electric mobility takes place. The event in Stuttgart, […]
30. September 2018

SDEWES Conference

September 30th – October 4th 2018 | Palermo Paul Bertheau, researcher and PhD candidate in the RLI research field Off-Grid Systems, will be participating in the  […]
25. September 2018

Conference: Energy Modelling Platform – Europe 2018

25th – September 26th, 2018 | Brussels European Commission The RLI supports the organization of this year’s Energy Modeling Platform for Europe conference (EMP-E 2018) as […]
20. September 2018

BB Energy Talk

September 20th 2018 | Berlin RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer will be discussing the Berlin Mobility Law from the perspective of the energy industry in context of […]
19. September 2018

19.–21.09. | Philippines Mini-Grid B2B Forum

September 19th -21st 2018 | Manila Paul Bertheau , PhD candidate at the European University of Flensburg and researcher in the RLI Research Field Off-Grid Systems […]
13. September 2018

SUUCCM Conference

September 13th – 14th 2018 | Berlin Zakia Soomauroo , PhD candidate at TU Berlin and researcher in the RLI Research Field Off-Grid Systems , will […]
10. September 2018

RLI Energy-Dialog 2018

September 10th 2018 | 1:00 p. m.  –  20:00 p. m. Hotel Rossi, Lehrter Straße 66, 10557 Berlin Applied Research for 100% Renewable Energy In the […]
3. September 2018

5.–7.9. | EnviroInfo 2018

September 5th – 7th 2018 | Garching Jann Launer , researcher in the RLI Research Field Transformation of Energy Systems, represents the institute at this year’s […]
29. August 2018

FOSS4G Conference 2018

29th – 31st August 2018 | Dar es Salaam Catherina Cader , researcher in the RLI Research Field Off-Grid Systems is attending the FOSS4G (Free and […]
28. August 2018

Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society

August 28th-31st 2018 | Cardiff Paul Bertheau will chair a session at this year’s Annual International Conference of the British Royal Geographical Society. Paul is a […]
17. July 2018

Conference: iSEnEC

July 17th-18th 2018 | Nuremberg At the conference Integration of Sustainable Energy (iSEnEC) Berit Müller, Head of the RLI Research Field Transformation of Energy Systems, will […]
27. June 2018

Summer School on Modelling Tools for Sustainable Development

June 12th – 28th, 2018 | Trieste The annual Summer School on Modeling Tools for Sustainable Development will be held in Trieste this year. The summer […]
25. June 2018

Kick-Off-Meeting for the GRECO Project

Junie 25th 2018 | Madrid Berit Müller, Head of the Research Field Transformation of Energy Systems RLI, will represent the institute at the kick-off meeting of […]
21. June 2018

Conference: “Transport, Climate Change, and Clean Air”

June 21st – 22nd 2018 | Paris Zakia Soomauroo, PhD candidate at Technische Universität Berlin and researcher in the Research Field Off-Grid Systems at RLI, will […]
14. June 2018

Conference: Intersolar

June 19th – 20th 2018 | Munich At the international Intersolar Conference, RLI’s Off-Grid will be represented by Team Head Philipp Blechinger and researcher Sarah Berendes this […]
13. June 2018

Symposium: Philippine-German collaboration for an energy transition on Philippine islands

June 13th 2018 | Manila RLI is organizing a symposium for German-Philippine exchange about the Energy Transition in context of European Climate Diplomacy Week. The symposium […]