Das Bild zeigt im Vordergrund die Rückseiten des Publikums und im Hintergrund das Podium, auf dem die vier Gäst*innen des Energiedialogs sitzen und diksutieren sowie die Moderatoren Kathrin Goldammer.
A look back at the 2022 RLI Energy-Dialog
15. September 2022
Porträt von Tabea Katerbau auf grauem Grund, daneben ein elekritscher Truck in einer Sprechblase.
20. – 22.09. | International Renewable Energy Storage Conference 2022 (IRES)
20. September 2022

19.09 | dena-Dialogue Grids

19th September | Berlin

Editha Kötter, Head of the research unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will be at the German Energy Agency’s dena Dialogue on Grids on September 19th. The event will be all about how distribution grids can be quickly made fit for their new tasks in the climate-neutral electricity system. Editha will contribute to the discussion with a speech explaining how data can be used to improve the planning of distribution networks.

This is the second dena dialog on grids, and this time it will be divided into two different sessions:

  • The first session will discuss integrated planning of distribution networks. Key questions include: How can the expansion and conversion of grids progress get fast enough to keep pace with the expansion of renewable energies? How can power grids be planned intelligently, in an integrated way, and in line with developments in other sectors, in order to reduce the need for grid expansion?
  • The second session takes a look at the future-proof operation of distribution grids: How can the grid be made more flexible and what role does digitalization play in this? What role will innovative business models and start-ups play in the grid world of the future?

Dena’s Dialogue on Grids aims to bring together experts and politicians in order to initiate solutions for the energy infrastructure of the future.

Further information on the program and registration can be found here.

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