Titelbild Projekt EmPowerPlan
EmPowerPlan: Regional planning of energy transition
26. August 2022
Gruppenbild der Teilnehmenden der CBear+ Summerschool am RLI
Look back at the C-BEAR+ Summer School 2022
30. August 2022

26.-27.08. | SciCAR-Conference

August 26 – 27 | Dortmund

On August 27, Editha Kötter, Head of the unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, will participate in this year’s SciCAR conference in Dortmund. The event aims to bring together data, journalists and scientists to initiate collaborations in the field of Computer-Assisted Reporting (CAR) – data journalism.

Editha will represent the RLI in a panel discussion on “capturing and updating the energy transition with data”, where she is going to provide insights into the institute’s work using the PV and wind area calculator as an example. She will also talk about the open science principle at RLI. The panel on energy data will take place on August 27 between 1:30 – 3 pm. Among others, also Christian Endt from Zeit Online will participate and present the medium’s energy monitor project.

On panels and in workshops, the conference as a whole will address the following topics:

  • Climate crisis: to what extent does data help in analysis and communication?
  • Innovations: What do experimental data sources and new methods bring to the empirical sciences?
  • Covid pandemic: What metrics matter in the fall? How can models be tested?
  • Collaboration: how can we improve collaboration between researchers, government agencies, and journalists?

Viola Priesemann (Expert Council, MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization) and Jonathan Soma (Columbia University, Lede Program) could be obtained for the two keynotes of the event.

The conference will be supervised by Christina Elmer. She is a Professor of Data Journalism at the Institute of Journalism at TU Dortmund University. Besides TU Dortmund, the organizers of this event are the Wissenschafts-Pressekonferenz, Science Media Center and Netzwerk Recherche, an association of data journalists in German-speaking countries.

More information about the event and registration is available here.