05.10. | “From Coal to Cool” Webinar
5. October 2021
29.09. & 07.10. | “Women in Green Hydrogen” Networking Events
7. October 2021

04.-06.10. | “Literary Modelling and Energy Transition (LMET)” Conference

October 05th & 06th, 2021

The RLI is represented twice at the conference “Literary Modelling and Energy Transition (LMET)”:

Marlin Arnz, PhD Candidate at the RLS Graduate School presents the paper project of the RLS Graduate School “Modelling Narratives of Sustainable Mobility: A case study for Germany in 2040” in the session Sustainability and Energy Policy.

Alexandra Krumm, also a PhD candidate at the RLS Graduate School, presents together with Diana Süsser from IASS Potsdam the paper “Modelling Social Aspects of the Energy Transition: Current Representation in Energy Models”. The presentation will take place during the session on Societal Impacts and Model Communication.

This year’s conference is titled “The Modelling of Energy Transition. Cultures/Visions/Narratives”. The transdisciplinary conference brings together experts from a technical, economic, sociological, political, but also cultural and literary studies, theory of science and philosophical perspective. The conference aims at gaining a deeper insight into the various technical and social layers relevant to the energy transition and its technology assessment.

The conference is organized by Münster University with financial support from the Volkswagen Foundation.


Further information, as well as the possibility to register, can be found on the website of Münster University


© Image: Dietmar Rabich, Münster, Schloss — 2014 — 6769-71 (crop), cropped by RLI, CC BY-SA 4.0