23. September 2016

Berit Müller at energy system modeling conference in Prague

September 23rd 2016 | Berit Müller, Head of the research field “Transformation of Energy Systems” at RLI, has participated in the conference “Modelling Smart Grids – […]
20. September 2016

Berit Müller becomes SmEnOs spokeswoman

September 20th 2016 – Berit Müller, Head of the RLI research field “Transformation of Energy Systems”, becomes spokeswoman of the initial consortium “Smart Energy Ostdeutschland – […]
19. September 2016

E-mobility in Brandenburg: first PIOnEER results presented

September 19th 2016 – Which regions in Brandenburg are suited best for e-mobility with renewable energies? The RLI has presented first answers to this research question […]
19. September 2016

RLI at EnviroInfo 2016

September 19 2016 –The EnviroInfo 2016 is the 30th edition of the long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and […]
16. September 2016

Kathrin Goldammer on DRadio Wissen – Interview now available online

September 16th 2016 – RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer has been interviewed today by DRadio Wissen. The interview about the “Nordlink Cable”, is now available online […]
14. September 2016

Catherina Cader at Myanmar Green Energy Summit

September 14th 2016 – Catherina Cader, researcher at the RLI, participated in the 2016 Myanmar Green Energy Summit in Yangon and represented RLI’s work in electrification […]
13. September 2016

Second ecoPtG project meeting

September 13th 2016 – All partners of the research project ecoPtG met for their second project meeting at the hydrogen fueling station at Schönefeld Airport on […]
9. September 2016

A look back at the 2016 RLI Energy-Dialog

Six years of research for 100 % renewable energies September 7th 2016 – September 6th 2016 marked the day of RLI’s first larger public event: The […]
9. September 2016

RLI is now member of KNRBB

September 9th 2016 – We are happy to announce that the Reiner Lemoine Institute is now member of Kompetenznetz Rail Berlin-Brandenburg (KNRBB). KNRBB is a creative, […]
7. September 2016

Conference on control power at RLI

September 7th 2016 – It is difficult to say whether or not it was the biggest “Strommarkttreffen” that ever happened. Nevertheless, this conference was a big […]
23. July 2016

NESP workshop in Nigeria

23rd July 2016 – Philipp Blechinger and Catherina Cader (RLI team Off-Grid Systems) presented and discussed first results of electrification modelling within the project “Rural electrification […]
20. July 2016

Smart Grid explained: Students visit Südkreuz train station

July 20th 2016 – The last days of the school year are traditionally used for field trips by many Berlin schools. This year, the RLI invited […]
7. July 2016

German Hydrogen Congress: hybrid charging stations complement renewable energy

July 7th 2016 – Oliver Arnhold, head of the team “Mobility with renewable energy” at RLI has participated in the „7. Deutscher Wasserstoff Congress“ (7th German […]
2. July 2016

German experience with renewable energies for vehicles presented in China

July 2nd 2016 – Florian Schaller, researcher in the e-mobility research group at RLI, has participated in the  conference “Synergetic Development of New-energy Power Generation and […]
28. June 2016

Social Day: RLI team helps in Hellersdorf

27th June 2016 – The staff of Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI) has used this year’s field trip to have a social day for the first time. […]
22. June 2016

Presentation at conference “Thailand – Energy Efficiency in the Infrastructure”

22nd June 2016 – Marcel Sax, student assistant at RLI, has presented his work on hydrogen storage systems at the conference “Thailand – Energy Efficiency in […]
22. June 2016

RLI at EVS29 in Montreal

June 22nd 2016 | RLI  presented parts of its research from the showcase project Micro Smart Grid EUREF at this year’s World Electric Vehicle Symposium und Exhibition […]
22. June 2016

Guido Pleßmann wins Best Paper Award at 2nd SEE SDEWES

Guido Pleßmann, PhD candidate in RLI’s Research Field Transformation of Energy Systems, has been awarded 3rd place of the Best Paper Award at the “2nd SEE […]
22. June 2016

RLI attends dena Power-to-Gas Annual Convention

June 22nd 2016 – Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI) has attended the dena Power-to-Gas Annual Convention on 21st June in Berlin. Visitors found information on Power-to-Gas and hydrogen […]
17. June 2016

Presentation at Cluster Forum “Stationäre Batteriespeicher in der Energieversorgung”

June 17th 2016 – Matthias Resch, researcher in the “Transformation of Energy Systems” team at RLI, and Sebastian Aschenbrenner, Project Head at Lechwerke Verteilnetz GmbH, participated […]