Philipp Blechinger new fellow at Balsillie School of International Affairs
27. June 2023
28.06. | Final workshop of the project H2VL
27. June 2023

25. – 29.06. | Powertech Conference

Anya Heider from the Graduate School of the Reiner Lemoine Stiftung will participate in the Powertech Conference in Belgrade. On Thursday, June 29, she will give two presentations on her research in the session “Flexibility in Microgrids”:

In the first article, Anya discusses the expansion costs of distribution grids. In their study, the researchers examined various scenarios. The result: Heat pumps drive the grid expansion caused by households, but these costs can be reduced by using flexibility.

In her second contribution, she talks about how different tariffs affect grid expansion costs. The result: Time-dependent tariffs such as day-night tariffs synchronize loads whose electricity requirements could actually be variably covered within certain time windows. This results in higher grid expansion costs. Load or generation performance-based components compensate for this effect.

PowerTech is an important conference for electrical power engineering. The IEEE Power and Energy Society is hosting the conference. This year’s theme is “Leading Innovations for Resilient and Carbon-Neutral Energy Systems”.

More information about the Powertech conference can be found here.

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