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15. April 2019
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RLI is a consultant for e-mobility within the WELMO funding program

April 18th, 2019 | Reiner Lemoine Institute is one of nine institutions currently authorized to provide advice on e-mobility within the framework of the Berlin “Wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität” (WELMO) program for e-mobility in businesses.

WELMO is an initiative of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises, which is coordinated by IBB Business Team GmbH. Small and medium-sized businesses are to be supported in switching to electrically powered vehicles. In addition to the promotion of concrete purchases in the company fleet, the program also includes a consulting service consisting of two modules: potential consulting and implementation consulting.

The contents of the potential advice are, for example, a comparison of suitable vehicles and a general overview of the required charging infrastructure. The implementation consulting then focuses on details: How can e-vehicles be integrated into the company fleet? What mobility needs does the company have? Is the grid connection able to cope with the charging demand? And what options for sector coupling does the switch offer?

As the only research institute in the WELMO consultant pool, the Reiner Lemoine Institute is now offering this service. Thanks to our almost ten years of scientific work in this field, we have the necessary expertise and can optimally apply current studies and analyses to Berlin companies.

Further information on the funding program and the conditions can be found on the WELMO website.

To register for one of the upcoming workshop dates (in German), please send the completed registration form to our Veranstaltungs-Mailadresse. If you have any questions, please contact Alexander Windt.

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