DALE-Statusbericht: Die dezentrale Energiewende in Deutschland im Kontext internationaler Entwicklungen
19. April 2018
Jahresversammlung Forschungsnetzwerk Energiesystemanalyse
19. April 2018

A qualitative evaluation approach for energy system modelling frameworks (Wiese et al. 2018)

Frauke Wiese, Simon Hilpert, Cord Kaldemeyer, Guido Pleßmann

Published in Energy, Sustainability and Society, April 2018.

The research field of energy system analysis is faced with the challenge of increasingly complex systems and their sustainable transition. The challenges are not only on a technical level but also connected to societal aspects. Energy system modelling plays a decisive role in this field, and model properties define how useful it is in regard to the existing challenges. For energy system models, evaluation methods exist, but we argue that many decisions upon properties are rather made on the model generator or framework level. Thus, this paper presents a qualitative approach to evaluate frameworks in a transparent and structured way regarding their suitability to tackle energy system modelling challenges.

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