MELY: Market model for water ELectrolYsis (Lemke et al. 2015)
30. März 2015
Model-based quantification of a microgrid via key performance indicators (Möhrke et al. 2015)
30. März 2015

An Approach for the Simulation and Control of Microgrids under Consideration of Various Energy Forms and Mass Flows (Grüger et al. 2015)

Fabian Grüger, Florian Schaller, Fabian Möhrke, Jörn Hartmann

Poster presentation at International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) 2015

There are several concepts dealing with the operation of microgrids either with focus on computational efficiency or level of detail concerning the component behaviour. The presented approach, as a basis for “Simulation Model for Optimized Operation & Topology of Hybrid Energy Systems” (SMOOTH), provides a trade-off between these aspects. Therefore, it allows for short-term optimisation of microgrids concerning different components and dimensions (e.g. electric energy, heat or hydrogen mass flow) without oversimplifying the components’ behaviour.

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