Netz_eLOG: New Website and successful Workshop
4. May 2020
Hybrid renewable energy systems for Yemen’s off-grid healthcare facilities
15. May 2020

13. – 15.05. | First digital oemof meeting of developers and users

Online | For the first time the upcoming oemof meeting will take place online from 13 to 15 May. Up to 200 participants can follow the discussions without prior registration. The link to the livestreams can be found in the agenda. Questions can easily be asked via chat.

The modelling framework oemof (Open Energy Modelling Framework) is a tool modelling and analysis of energy systems. It is an open-source licensed software, which is modular and flexible so that it can be assembled according to your own wishes. This makes it suitable for use in cross-sectoral studies.

All information about the event and registration is also available on the oemof website. If you would like to have the opportunity to participate in a session and speak, please send an e-mail stating the relevant session(s) tot the following e-mail address: The number of active participants is limited to 22. Please also register by e-mail if you have already registered via this list. In this case you will receive priority.