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13. January 2020
15.–17.01. | Open Energy Modelling Workshop
15. January 2020

14.01. | Pluralist Economics Siegen

Siegen | On January 14, 2020 Kathrin Goldammer, Managing Director of RLI, will participate in the concluding panel discussion of the lecture series “How do we save the climate? An interdisciplinary solution search” of the University of Siegen. On eleven dates, the question will be discussed with various experts from a scientific, economic, political and legal perspective.

The lecture series is organized by the research unit Pluralist Economics at the University of Siegen, which examines economic phenomena taking into account organizational, business-related, and other participatory perspectives. In addition to Kathrin, Niko Paech from the Pluralist Economics Research Centre at the University of Siegen and Alexandra Gauss (Die Grünen), Mayor of Windeck, will speak.

The program of the entire lecture series can be found here (in German).

© Image: Uni Siegen