Discussion: E-Mobility and Charging Infrastructure in Brandenburg
14. November 2018
GRECO Workshop: Applying Responsible Research and Innovation Concepts
19. November 2018

A look back at the EMP-E Conference in Brussels

November 14th 2018 – In September, the “Energy Modelling Platform for Europe” (EMP-E 2018) took place for the second time. At the EMP-E conference in Brussels, which was organized within the framework of four Horizon 2020 projects of the European Union. The energy system modelers and policy makers had the opportunity to exchange information and discuss news and views with each other. The RLI team was involved in the organization and realization of the meeting within the framework of EU project REEEM.

There was a total of nine Focus Groups, each with three parallel sessions. The topics ranged from methodical aspects, such as open data and technical learning, over working on modelling tools and parameters that should be considered in the models, to questions about working with policy makers and involving stakeholders.

Berit Müller, former head of the Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI, hosted the session about open data. Ludwig Hülk, who supervises the datamanagement for the REEEM project at RLI, gave one of four presentations in this Focus Group. Moreover, Ludwig gave another lecture on Open Source in a different Focus Group.

In addition to the presentations in the individual Focus Groups, there was also a poster exhibition in which the participants had one minute to explain their work within the projects with the help of the poster.

The presentations from the EMP-E Focus Group sessions as well as the posters of the poster exhibition are now available for download.

Presentation | Beyond Open Source Modeling
Presentation| Data Management in the REEEM Project
Poster | The German Research Network on Energy System Analysis
Poster | Stakeholder engagement and dissemination of modelling insights using web-based learning simulations and open databases

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