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14. November 2018
Travelling Conference SEA2
19. November 2018

GRECO Workshop: Applying Responsible Research and Innovation Concepts

November 19th 2018 | Berlin

RLI will host a workshop within the frame of the GRECO project that will present and train participants on the Applying Responsible Research and Innovation Concepts (RRI) methodology used in the GRECO RLI project of the Research Unit Transformation of Enery Systems. Luisa Fernanda Barbosa Gomez from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) will lead the workshop. Besides RLI, the UFP is one of eleven project partners of GRECO.

GRECO is a pilot project of the European Commission that aims to implement the concepts of open science and responsible research and innovation for the development of socially responsible photovoltaic products.

After a brief introduction to the GRECO project, there will be a discussion on the benefits of open science approaches and RRI methods. In the training, participants will determine the influence of possible RRI scenarios on their own projects.

For RLI, Inia Steinbach, Editha Kötter, Sabine Haas and Mascha Richter will participate in the workshop.

For further information on the workshop, please see the GRECO website.


© Image: GRECO