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9. February 2021
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25. February 2021

Marlin Arnz wins VDB Young Talent Award 2021

19 February 2021 | Marlin Arnz, PhD student in the “EnergieSystemWende” Graduate School of the Reiner Lemoine Foundation, has won the “Clean Mobility Award” of the German Railway Industry Association (VDB).

Every year, the VDB awards the Clean Mobility Award to three young academics whose innovative scientific work makes an outstanding contribution to more climate protection and more quality in rail mobility 4.0.

Marlin received the award for his master’s thesis, in which he developed a model for the multidimensional evaluation of an innovative rail freight concept in comparison with conventional means of transport. It is titled “The Impact of High-Speed Rail on Intermodal Freight Transport – Modeling Transport Carrier Performance and Modal Split” and one of the three scenarios that was analyzed in this work has been published as a paper in the European Transport Research Review in January 2021.

The RLI warmly congratulates Marlin on winning the VDB Young Investigator Award! Since 2020, he has been part of the first cohort of the RLS graduate program and conducts research in close cooperation with RLI. In his dissertation project, which is supervised at the Chair of Economic and Infrastructure Policy at TU Berlin, Marlin focuses on the transformation of the transport sector on the way to a 100 % renewable energy system. Depending on mainly behavioral, but also technological factors, Marlin investigates realistic pathways for an integrated, renewable energy demand of transport in Germany.

Photo: Marlin Arnz