Kick-Off for the ScenariosDB Project
23. February 2018
Prioritization of locations for off-grid rural electrification in Tanzania
1. March 2018

Networking Workshop on Decision Framing and Uncertainty

February 27th-28th 2018 | London

In context of the networking activities associated with the REEEM Project, Alexander Wanitschke, researcher and PhD Candidate at RLI, will participate in the Networking Workshop on Decision Framing and Uncertainty at the Royal Geography Society in London. The Workshop is hosted by the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) at Imperial College London with specialists from Warwick University, London School of Economics, Lancaster University, E3G, UK Government, and Atkins. During two-day workshop , experts from the fields of psychology, statistics, decision science, and communications, as well as a number of decision makers from government, industry, and policy will meet to develop a better understanding of how the analytical community can support real-life decision makers in making better decisions under uncertainty.

Alexander is developing an Argument Map at RLI that could be used for technical decisions in context of the transport transition. He will give live updates from the workshop in London via his Twitter account.


© Image: CC BY-SA 2.5, the original uploader was Telerg at French Wikipedia, Cour intérieure Imperial College 18-10-2004, cropped by RLI