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1. October 2019
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8. October 2019

Interactive map with arguments of the energy transition in transportation

02 October 2019 | The more than 300 referenced arguments are designed as an interactive ArguMap and are intended to generate a low-threshold access to the current state of scientific knowledge and to bring together different competing views in a clear and comprehensive way.

In an argumentation analysis of the debate on alternative propulsion, we try to logically reconstruct the complex pros and cons of technology paths for the energy transition in transport. We invite you to expand and improve the map of arguments with us.

Directly to the ArguMap for the energy transition in transportation (in German).

Here’s an introduction to the Kialo platform.

The ArguMap is part of the dissertation project of Alexander Wanitschke, RLI research unit Mobility with Renewable Energy. In it, he aims at deriving robust transformation paths for the energy transition in transportation by examining decisions and technologies of the energy transition in traffic regarding their uncertainties.

In road-bound traffic in Germany, greenhouse gas emissions have not fallen in recent years. An alternative to the fossil combustion engine must therefore be established if the climate goals of the Paris Agreement are to be achieved. But which one is best? Battery electric, fuel cell vehicles or simply the substitution of fossil fuels? In science, but also in politics and economics, this question is controversial.