27.09 | Workshop: Feminist and inclusive research for climate-friendly mobility in Berlin
27. September 2023
Conversion of the bus fleet to alternative drive types in the Oberhavel district
28. September 2023

27.09. | Workshop: Energy & Space – Renewable Grid Initiative

September 27, 2023 | Brussels

On September 27, Birgit Schachler and Paul Dubielzig, researchers from the RLI unit Transformation of Energy Systems, will present research results at a workshop of the Renewable Grid Initiative in Brussels. They will present findings from a comparative analysis of space and water requirements of different EU decarbonisation scenarios. Birgit will also take part in a panel discussion on Standards for resource optimisation in energy system planning.

The EU has committed to decarbonise by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement. In the workshop, participants therefore address challenges that arise on that path due to limited resources and discuss how these can be overcome. To achieve a decarbonised future, the transformation of the energy sector into a system based on renewable energy plays a key role.

In this context, space is a limited and valuable resource that can be used in many ways: for nature conservation and biodiversity, urban and industrial development, energy infrastructure and agriculture, among others. This also applies to water, whose availability has decreased over the years. Therefore, the use of these resources must be properly planned and optimised.

More information about the event is available here.
More information about the comparative analysis is available here.

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