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10. May 2017
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12. May 2017

RLI at the Hannover Messe

May 8th 2017 – The Hannover Messe took place from April 24th to 28th 2017 and is considered the world’s largest and most important industrial fair. As in previous years, the “Hydrogen, fuel cells and battery exhibition” is part of the fair and included more than 150 exhibitors from the hydrogen and battery sector.

RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer in her function as Board Member of HYPOS e. V. participated in a panel discussion focusing on hydrogen as an option for sector coupling on April 26th. The discussion was followed by her expert talk entitled “Hydrogen and the transport sector – future options for e-mobility in Germany”. The video recordings of the discussion and the expert talk are available below.

Kathrin presented forecasts made by RLI for different future mobility scenarios in Germany. “Sector coupling is a major issue in the field of renewable energy at the moment. This is based on the realization that the Energiewende (energy transition) cannot solely take place in the electricity sector. In order to connect the sectors heat supply, gasoline, and mobility, hydrogen from renewable resources can play an important role as a form of energy that is versatile in use and storage,” Kathrin explained at the Messe.

RLI is researching the question of how mobility and energy systems can be ideally coupled, among others within the HYPOS project ImplaN in cooperation with Volkswagen AG, Linde AG, and Forschungszentrum Jülich. This entails potential scenarios for the development of an initial infrastructure for hydrogen powered vehicles based on calculable demand such as public transport companies, fleet operators, and car-sharing providers.

Oliver Hoch shows visitors of the fair the demonstrator from the H2BER project | Image: RLI

An additional RLI expert at the fair was Oliver Hoch from the team Mobility with Renewable Energy. At the joint stand of the Clean Energy Partnership with the National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology as well as Alstom S.A., he informed visitors about research and development in the field of hydrogen mobility. Oliver presented results from the H2BER project at RLI, in which the optimized design of a hydrogen filling station with on-site electrolysis was analyzed. The stand provided an opportunity to try out the project demonstrator – an interactive animation, which illustrates the functionality of the filling station, and which can be controlled using a mobile phone.


You can find additional information on the fair hier.

The press release by HYPOS e. V. on the Hannover Messe is available in German for download here.




Panel discussion “Green Hydrogen – the foundation for sector coupling”


Expert talk Kathrin Goldammer: “Hydrogen and the transport sector – future options for e-mobility in Germany”


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