Expert talk on the the Study “Analysis of Brandenburg’s Energy Strategy”
22. March 2017
E-Mobility in Brandenburg: Planing, Set-Up, Integration
3. April 2017

SciGrid Conference

März 30th/31st2017 | Oldenburg

Jonathan Amme , researcher in the RLI research field Transformation of Energy Systems, will participate as a speaker at the “SciGRID International Conference on Power Grid Modelling” hosted by NEXT ENERGY – EWE Research Centre for Energy Technology in Oldenburg.

Jonathan will talk about an open source software that can be used to generate  synthetic distribution grid data based on open-data. The tool’s foundation is currently being developed in the research project open_eGo and consists of so-called load areas which are derived by applying GIS methods on high-resolution spatial data that cover information about physical properties, land use, energy demand, and demography. Taking into account current planning principles and technical constraints, medium voltage grid topologies are developed and parametrized by routing algorithms. Those grids are then assigned low voltage grids and renewable energy sites, then thy are validated by load flow calculation methods. With the help of the heterogeneous grids produced in this way, large-scale power system analyses on different voltage levels can be conducted.

Please find further information on the conference here.

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