Increasing the Hosting Capacity of Distribution Grids by Implementing Residential PV Storage Systems and Reactive Power Control (Camacho Rascon et al. 2016)
8. July 2016
ASEP_Phil – Technical Assistance for Access to Sustainable Energy in the Philippines
15. July 2016

Thermal pre-conditioning of electric vehicles for range extension (Nerling et al. 2016)

Jannes Nerling, Florian Schaller, Oliver Arnhold

Article first published in Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift (ATZ) 07-08|2016, S. 42-47.

The already limited range of electric vehicles is additionally reduced through the thermal conditioning of the passenger compartment. Due to the vehicle mass’ high thermal storage capacity the energy necessary for heating up and cooling of the passenger compartment is comparatively high. Thus, RLI developed a simulation model for quantifying potential range gains through thermal pre-conditioning of the passenger compartment.

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