Impact of operation strategies of large scale battery systems on distribution grid planning in Germany (Resch et al. 2017)
29. Juni 2017
IKEM Summer Academy ‚Energy and the Environment‘
21. Juli 2017

Energy Storage Potential in the Northern German Region Osnabrück-Steinfurt (Möller et al. 2016)

Caroline Möller, Klaus Kuhnke, Matthias Reckzügel, Hans-Jürgen Pfisterer, Sandra Rosenberger

Pre-print submitted to Energy and Sustainability Conference (IESC) 2016

Abstract — The study shows the technical potential of electrical storage solutions for a so called energy region in the northern part of Germany. Based on the model region’s targets for the increase of renewable energy capacity and by using annual simulations in hourly time steps, required storage capacity was calculated. Focus is on the electric energy supply. Results were determined under the requirement of various self-sufficiency degrees. Unlike the common calculation in the region’s energy concepts, the selfsufficiency degree was determined solely by considering the directly consumed energy from fluctuating renewable energies or from storage. Thus, a bridge is built to the partly abstract ambitions of energy autarky. Further, various operation sites and appropriate storage technologies were analyzed.

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