Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2017
27. Juni 2017
Energy Storage Potential in the Northern German Region Osnabrück-Steinfurt (Möller et al. 2016)
3. Juli 2017

Impact of operation strategies of large scale battery systems on distribution grid planning in Germany (Resch et al. 2017)

Matthias Resch, Jochen Bühler, Mira Klausen, Andreas Sumper

Renew Sustain Energy Rev 2017;74:1042–1063, ISSN: 1364-0321


Due to the increasing penetration of fluctuating distributed generation electrical grids require reinforcement, in order to secure a grid operation in accordance with given technical specifications. This grid reinforcement often leads to over-dimensioning of the distribution grids. Therefore, traditional and recent advances in distribution grid planning are analysed and possible alternative applications with large scale battery storage systems are reviewed. The review starts with an examination of possible revenue streams along the value chain of the German electricity market. The resulting operation strategies of the two most promising business cases are discussed in detail, and a project overview in which these strategies are applied is presented. Finally, the impact of the operation strategies are assessed with regard to distribution grid planning.


grid planing, distribution grid, large scale batteries, community storage, primary frequency control.

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