Daten für den Ausbau von Windkraft- und Photovoltaikanlagen – RLI veröffentlicht umfangreiches Paket mit Potenzialflächen
5. Juli 2022
Das Bild zeigt ein Porträt von Anne Schalling, so wie eine Sprechblade mit dem Inhalt "H2" und den Titel der Veranstaltung.
05.07. | VDE-Webinar „H2-Gesamtsystemintegration in der Praxis – Wo klemmt’s?“
5. Juli 2022

A review of 100% renewable energy scenarios on islands (Meschede et al. 2022)

Henning Meschede, Paul Bertheau, Siavash Khalili, Christian Breyer

A review of 100% renewable energy scenarios on islands

Abstract -- Globally, more than 740 million people live on islands which are often seen as ideal environments for the development of renewable energy systems. Hereby, they play the role to demonstrate technical solutions as well as political transition pathways of energy systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The growing number of articles on 100 % renewable energy systems on islands is analyzed with a focus on technical solutions for transition pathways. Since the first "100 % renewable energy systems on islands"-article in a scientific journal in 2004, 97 articles handling 100 % renewable energy systems on small islands were published and are reviewed in this article. In addition, a review on 100 % renewable energy systems on bigger island states is added. Results underline that solar PV as well as wind are the main technologies regarding 100 % RES on islands. Not only for the use of biomass but for all RES area limitation on islands needs to be taken more seriously, based on full energy system studies and respective area demand. Furthermore, it is shown that there is still not the same common sense in the design approach including and starting at the energy needs as well as on multi-sectoral approach. The consideration of maritime transport, aviation, cooling demands, and water systems beyond seawater desalination is only poorly considered in existing studies. Future research should also focus on developing pathways to transform the existing conventional infrastructure stepwise into a fully renewable system regarding also the interconnections with the mainland and neighboring islands.

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Review veröffentlicht in: WIREs Energy and Environment, e450. 2022.
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