Wissenschaftliche Begleitung des Berliner Netzwerk E
1. Oktober 2012
PV-basierte Inselnetze zur Elektrifizierung in Entwicklungsländern (Breyer, Gaudchau, Gerlach et.al. 2012)
1. Dezember 2012

Analysis of socio-economic determinants for the deployment of renewable energies on islands

Enrico Howe

Abschlussarbeit (01.11.2012)

The electricity generation on most islands is based on diesel generators. Thus, power generation costs are above average and harmful greenhouse gases are emitted. However, many islands have excellent renewable resources, such as wind and solar. But so far the expansion of renewable energies is running slowly.

Project description:

The core part of the project is to investigate whether socio-economic factors have an influence on the deployment of various renewable energy sources on islands. To investigate this correlation, a multiple regression analysis is used. Prior to this study, the number of islands existing worldwide and population living on these islands is determined by a geographical analysis.


The overall objective of the project is to better understand the influence of socio-economic determinants on the deployment of renewable energy sources on islands.

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