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4. December 2018
Nigerian Energy Support Programme II
12. December 2018

Conference: New Energy World

December 11th-12th 2018 | Leipzig

Marlon Fleck , Researcher in the RLI Research Unit Mobility with Renewable Energy, will be giving a talk at this year’s New Energy World conference in Leipzig. On the first day of the conference, in his presentation titled “Potentials of a dynamic EEG surcharge for HRS on-site electrolysis”, he will talk about the effects of a dynamic EEG levy on the hydrogen production costs of an on-site electrolyzer at a hydrogen refueling station.

The New Energy World is a trade fair with an attached conference for energy management, energy services, and connected systems. The focus of this year’s conference includes topics such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, blockchain, and energy efficiency.

For more information, visit the New Energy World website .


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