International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) 2015 – Update
20. April 2015
1. Mai 2015

Is a grid connection the best solution? Frequently overlooked arguments assessing centralized electrification pathways

Catherina Cader

Presentation, Paper
3rd International Conference: Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply, Bangalore, India.

Providing reliable electricity access is still a major challenge in many regions of the Global South. This study discusses indicators characterizing grid power supply and provides various measures next to the electricity access rate to show the linkages between electricity access pathways for doing business. The results of the analysis, done for six selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, indicate that a grid connection, often perceived as cheaper, is characterized by its own challenges. These challenges should also be considered and evaluated when assessing different electrification strategies. The quality of grid supply in terms of length and frequency of power outage, T&D losses, and connection charges are assessed. A trend towards decentralized independent power generation can be observed as one of the consequences.

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