Energy Supply in Mini-Grids Regarding Renewable Energies: An Optimization for Petite Martinique
27. April 2012
Die Rolle von Erneuerbarem Methan in der Energiewende
1. Mai 2012

Optimising a Renewables Based Island Grid and Integrating a Battery Electric Vehicles Concept on the Example of Graciosa Island, Azores Archipelago (Arnhold et al. 2012)

Oliver Arnhold, M.Hlusiak, Ch.Breyer

6th European Conference on PV-Hybrids and Mini-Grids, Chambéry 2012, April 26-27

Graciosa, an island of the Azoresis to be provided with an electricity generation system based mainly on photovoltaics (PV) and wind energy. This system includes a stationary battery - electric storage and a diesel backup generator and will produce electricity with more than 80% of demand covered by renewable sources. The most economic sizing of the components will lead to excess energy amounting to about one third of the total electricity produced. In corporating more flexible consumers will match demand closer to production and reduce overall costs per energy consumed. This paper looks into the p ossibility of electric vehicles (EV) as additional demanders and an active part of the system.

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