Comparison of different energy storage systems for renewable energies on a Caribbean island
28. März 2012
Optimising a Renewables Based Island Grid and Integrating a Battery Electric Vehicles Concept on the Example of Graciosa Island, Azores Archipelago (Arnhold et al. 2012)
28. April 2012

Energy Supply in Mini-Grids Regarding Renewable Energies: An Optimization for Petite Martinique

Philipp Blechinger, Kristina Bognar, Markus Hlusiak, Christian Breyer

6th European Conference on PV-Hybrids and Mini-Grids, Chambéry 2012, April 26-27

Small islands without grid connection as natural mini-grids are perfect examples for the shift of conventional power generation systems towards renewable energies.Within this work the energy supply system of the Caribbean island Petite Martinique (150 kW peak load, 820 MWh per year) is technological and economic optimized using diesel gensets, photovoltaic, wind power and energy storage systems. The final results show, that a system with a renewable share of almost 85 % is ideal. This system consists of 175 kW PV, one wind turbine (225 kW) and 200 kW / 400 kWh storage capacity saving each year 274,000 liter diesel.

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