Comprehensive Country Ranking for Renewable Energy Based Mini-Grids Providing Rural Off-Grid Electrification (Gerlach 2013)
1. März 2013
Empfehlungen zum Einsatz kleiner Windenergieanlagen im urbanen Raum – Ein Leitfaden (Amme et al. 2013)
4. März 2013

Regional and structural differences of barriers to implement renewable energies – Implications for less or least developed countries

Philipp Blechinger

Conference "Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply", Berlin

The implementation of renewable energies (RE) is one of the main pillars to fight global greenhouse gas emissions and increase access to clean and affordable electricity. Despite the urgent need of developing RE capacities, they diffuse rather slowly. To accelerate the implementation it is crucial to understand the barriers and challenges for RE. Within this work a broad literature overview is conducted to identify and structure the barriers. In addition, case studies are analyzed to find regional and structural differences. Looking at these differences enables a more specific help for implementing RE in less or least developed countries (LDCs). The analysis reveals that main barriers for LDCs are lack of trained staff and high initial costs.

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