Poster: Extension of the Open Energy Platform (OEP) for Scenario Data (Hülk et al. 2018)
11. August 2018
Hybrid Mini-Grid Sizing with micrOgridS – An Open-Source Tool for Optimizing Renewable Energy Components within Mini-Grids (Berendes 2018)
13. August 2018

Sizing and Optimization of Hybrid Mini-Grids with micrOgridS – an Open-Source Modelling Tool (Berendes et al. 2018)

Sarah Berendes, Paul Bertheau, Philipp Blechinger

This paper was accepted for the 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop in Tenerife, Spain, May 9th/10th 2018.


The transformation towards a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy system remains a challenging task for many island communities. The electric power supply through Hybrid Mini-Grids (HMG), containing RE technologies and energy storage systems in the mix, represent a cost-effective and fuel saving option. In the planning phase of HMG, software-based sizing tools have become necessary to map the complex interactions between the different sources of electricity. In this study, we identify the requirements for such a software tool, and investigate on the advantages of open source modelling. Based on our findings, the open source model micrOgridS was developed by applying the Open Energy Modelling Framework (Oemof). As a result, we introduce the model in this paper and show its performance via a case study by comparing it with the software tool Homer R© Pro 3.11. Drawing on the results, we conclude that with micrOgridS, we provide a valid basis for a open source HMG sizing tool.

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