19.05. | RLI at the Capital Conference E-mobility 2021
6. May 2021
Introducing the Open Energy Ontology: Enhancing data interpretation and interfacing in energy systems analysis (Booshehri et al. 2021)
20. May 2021

18.-20.05. | Annual Meeting of the Research Network Energy System Analysis

May 18-20, 2021 | Online Conference

At this year’s annual meeting of the Energy Systems Analysis Research Network, Birgit Schachler, Tim Röpcke and Kilian Helfenbein will provide insight into the open_BEA research project. In this cross-domain project, involving the RLI Research Units Transformation of Energy Systems and Mobility with Renewable Energy, open-source battery models for various stationary and mobile battery technologies are being developed. These will be integrated into an open-source/open-data platform to investigate various grid-related issues.

At the annual meeting, Tim and Bigit will host the Workshop 2c, “Methodology for incorporating battery electric vehicles into distribution grid simulations,” on May 19. This will include developing scenario assumptions for incorporating battery electric vehicles into distribution grid simulations. They will present the methodology for creating temporally and spatially resolved demand time series of the mobility sector for selected grid areas and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches for mapping future charging demand with the participants.

The annual meeting is organized and hosted by Project Management Jülich on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The Energy System Analysis Network was founded by the BMWi to further expand the research field of energy system analysis and to achieve stronger networking among the participants. In addition, this is intended to increase the transparency of modeling projects.

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