REEEM – Role of technologies in an energy efficient economy
6. Oktober 2016
Electrification modelling for Nigeria (Bertheau et al. 2016)
7. Oktober 2016

The Energy Nexus Group – an interdisciplinary research agenda (Cader et al. 2016)

Catherina Cader, Mariana Daykova, Raluca Dumitrescu, Setu Pelz, Mathias Koepke

Article published in proceedings of Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research and Innovation Symposium, RERIS 2016, 8-10 March 2016, Tlemcen, Algeria


This paper introduces a new, transformative energy research agenda. A group of researchers has developed a novel approach to tackle the particularities of energy access development in the Global South from a nexus perspective. An interdisciplinary team will use a set of common and specific action-oriented methodologies in order to find sustainable, cross-sector solutions to the pressing issues in energy access with a strong focus on Africa and Asia. Investigating a range of cross-sectoral thematic areas including technology, finance, agriculture, water and policy at decentralized scales, the group draws holistic conclusions from systemic analysis of inherent co-dependencies and causalities.
It is argued that next-generation energy access solutions will need to incorporate the relations to other spheres of influence linked to the energy field. This is required in order to create an understanding of challenges, working mechanisms and best practices to systematically address the complex issue of energy access for long-term, scalable impact. The research will thus create a unique platform for knowledge exchange between experts with diverse backgrounds and origins. Solutions will be adapted to local and regional circumstances by incorporating information exchange between institutions from different countries and regions (South-South learning) as well as the sensitive inclusion of feedback from researched communities.

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